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Our diverse range of business software products provide our customers not only with the tools they need to stay in business, these tools make their business thrive!

edi attendant is our complete integrated solution for EDI documents. Easily exchange and integrate information between trading partners and accounting systems. It's the perfect solution for manufacturers and wholesalers requiring compliance with trading partner's individual requirements. edi attendant is not just an EDI document interpreter; it is a fully integrated EDI solution for your company.

  • Process inbound purchase orders.
  • Convert purchase orders into sales orders in your accounting system.
  • Create shipping labels.
  • Pick, scan, pack, and ship through Edi Attendant.
  • Create and import diverse documents required by individual trading partners.
  • All document processing is included with software at time of installation.

i2Catalog provides flawless integration between your products and your Alere accounting package.

Alere Accounting contains the features you need to grow your business. Everything from keeping track of complex inventories, processing customer orders and managing payables, to providing sophisticated general ledger financial controls. ALERE does this by placing an emphasis on the details that make day-to-day activities run smoothly. Activities like processing a prepayment or handling a return are done quickly, logically and with a minimum number of steps.

Alere Manufacturing is a software package designed for small to midsize companies. It has a broad range and depth of features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. ALERE Manufacturing is designed specifically for order driven and make-to-stock manufacturers. It includes all the day-to-day functionality that you might expect in a sophisticated manufacturing package. What you might not expect are the carefully designed “extras” that make it work in your environment.