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ALERE has a broad range and depth of features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses. Since day-to-day processes are important to running your company, the design of ALERE has focused on making them as easy as possible.

Top Ten Reason for Choosing Alere

To help you understand what ALERE can offer, a White Paper is available on the features and benefits. The ALERE Specifications Brochure is available to be downloaded in PDF format or you can visit the FAQ Page for quick answers. For the detailed orientated person, our HTML Manual can be downloaded.

A year of factory technical support is included with the purchase ALERE. An optional Software Maintenance Agreement , or SMA as it is commonly called, keeps you up to date with all releases and provides technical support after the first year.

Would you like to see the benefits of ALERE in dollars and cents? A ROI Calculator , that uses Excel, can be downloaded. With this tool you can review a list of features, many of which can only be found in ALERE, and assess their worth to your company. For example, the automatic period closing feature can avoid the monthly disruptions to your operations while tedious time-sensitive batch postings are done to close a period. What is that worth to you? If you can't process orders or even issue material to a shop floor during this time, this one feature could save you thousands!

ALERE is sold and serviced by a network of hundreds of Authorized Dealers. Nationwide Technical Seminars help introduce your staff to ALERE and provide inexpensive recurrent training. Call today for a Dealer near you.

If you would like to see ALERE for yourself, a trial package can be downloaded or you can call TIW at 610.258.5161 x 717 and ask for a Free Trial Package .