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ALERE Manufacturing is a software package designed for small to midsize companies. It has a broad range and depth of features that make it extremely appealing to a wide variety of businesses.

  • Make to Order
  • Job Shops
  • Engineer to Order
  • Make to Stock

Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Alere Manufacturing

Since day-to-day processes are important to running your company, the design of Alere Manufacturing has focused on making them as easy as possible.

  • An exceptionally strong BOM processor allows entire indented bills of material to be graphically constructed on one screen using Treevision.
  • The finite scheduler handles forward or backward scheduling to the nearest minute or hour and runs extremely fast.
  • The MRP report supports both bucketed and bucketless planning and can be synchronized with the finite scheduler to provide JIT material planning.
  • Work order can be released, materials issued, standard labor posted, finished goods placed in inventory, and the order closed with a single button.

ALERE Manufacturing includes all the functionality that you might expect in a sophisticated manufacturing package. What you might not expect are the carefully designed "extras" that make ALERE Manufacturing work in your business.