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What is EDI ?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.

  • The computer to computer exchange of standardized information.
  • A paperless method of transmitting documents.

Why are companies moving to EDI ?

If you want to sell to RETAIL companies you must go where the successful companies are going; they are going to EDI. Your trading partners are making many choices for you. If you don’t do business via EDI soon, you may not be doing business with these trading partners at all. Competitive companies make it easy for their customers to do business with them. EDI makes it easy! 

The transition to EDI may appear expensive, inconvenient, and tormenting. However, it is cost effective, and relatively easy! The benefits of change are well worth the investment! 

George K. Gregory & Associates, Inc., makes the transition affordable, and ultimately very profitable for you. Change for all the right reasons is the best business decision.

Don’t be left behind, retail vendors like you are going to EDI. 

edi attendant  - An EDI software solution for manufacturers and distributors requiring compliance with RETAIL trading partners.

It is fully integrated with specific accounting software and establishes a paperless environment; that’s paperless from purchase order to invoice! And, it eliminates all manual entry, from purchase order to invoice!

Many EDI software packages only translate information, and provide the documents (forms), which you have to fill out manually. EDI Attendant does it all for you with just a few clicks! 

edi attendant is a complete integrated solution for EDI documents. 

  • Easily exchange and integrate information between trading partners and ACCPAC Pro accounting systems.
  • Perfect solution for manufacturers and wholesalers requiring compliance with trading partner's individual requirements.
  • Process inbound purchase orders .
  • Convert purchase orders into sales orders in your accounting system
  • Create shipping labels.
  • Pick, scan, pack, and ship through Edi Attendant.
  • Create and import diverse documents required by individual trading partners.
  • All document processing is included with software at time of installation.

Edi Attendant is not just an edi document interpreter; it is a fully integrated edi solution for your company. 

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edi attendant empowers your company for success 

With EDI ATTENDANT installed you are now empowered to satisfy your trading partners. You are now able to meet their stringent requirements, and make it is easy for them to do business with you. You have satisfied them, and become more profitable in the process. DOESN’T THIS SOUND LIKE SUCCESS?

Invest in your future

Let us help you become a strong, profitable, and successful enterprise! Contact us now! We will walk you through the process and explain what is involved to accomplish your goals cost effectively! 



  • Eliminates labor (data entry, manual counting of product, and time and money spent correcting mistakes).
  • Eliminates postage.
  • Eliminates handling mail.
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Eliminates a lot of paper and ink cartridges.
  • Eliminates time and telephone calls confirming receipt of purchase orders and shipment of product.


  • Order is in production immediately. No lag time until the order hits the warehouse. 
  • It is possible to ship and invoice the same day the purchase order is received. 
  • There is no stress or labor connected to this increased speed.
  • Faster delivery means faster payment.


  • This software even tells you if your trading partner made a mistake on a purchase order.
  • All functions are electronic, because the software is fully integrated with ACCPAC PRO SERIES accounting software you execute with just a few clicks. 
  • The invoice is created electronically once shipment is made.
  • The scan and pack feature eliminates errors due to manual counting.
  • Accuracy means no penalties charged to you by your trading partners.


  • Expands your market by adding trading partners without adding labor costs.
  • You are already making more because you eliminated all those costs above.
  • Fast and accurate shipment to your satisfied trading partners means repeat orders and orders for new business.
  • Do more business with less labor.

GKG EDI Testimonials

"It has been a pleasure working with George K. Gregory and Associates. Their products and services are particularly well suited to small businesses looking to grow their business and make their operations more efficient."
"EDI Attendant is easy to use. Transactions can be completed with a few clicks."
"Technical staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with."

-S. Broccoli 

"EDI Attendant has had a positive impact on our company. It has transformed what used to be a two person operation to one that is now accomplished by just one individual who even has time to complete other duties as well as the EDI processing. EDI Attendant has also had a dramatic impact on Violations/Chargebacks. A very good EDI product backed by a very good support team." 

-E Silva, Systems Administrator 

EDI Document Descriptions

EDI 850 Purchase Order

  • Create sales order
  • Check for validation of trading partner against accounting software
  • Check store and account receivable ship to address
  • Check item as valid with UPC code
  • Allocate quantity for inventoried items
  • Explodes Kit items onto sales order

EDI 870 Purchase Order Change

  • View item with insufficient available quantity
  • Create document to send to trading partner to notify of insufficient quantity
  • Adjust sales order and process purchase order with new quantity to be shipped

EDI 852 Product Activity

  • Item activity list for trading partner

EDI 816 Organizational Relationships

  • Updates ship to address file in accounting system
  • Imported file
  • Printed report

EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advise

  • Trading partner sends payment file to notify that payment is being sent
  • Imported file
  • Printed report with payments

EDI 812 Credit//Debit adjustment

  • Creates debit from accounting system
  • 812 is produced and transmitted to trading partner

EDI 810 Invoices

EDI 856 ASN - Advanced Shipping Notice

EDI 997 - Handled by our partner VAN software.

To learn more about EDI - please contact us for additional resources.