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i2Catalog- Connecting buyers with your product offerings.

Features at-a-glance

  • Present your products to buyers using printed catalogs or a variety of electronic formats.
  • Keep an inventory of your active and inactive product development samples
  • Find any item quickly by searching data fields that are tailored to fit your needs.
  • Create and print bar codes for your products
  • No per user license fees.
  • * Create custom labels for specific retailer needs
  • * Keep details on materials used to create products
  • * Quickly add items to catalogs and batch spec sheets using a wireless handheld scanner
  • * Integrate with your accounting system

* Some features require additional modules and/or custom programming.

Video: Creating a Jewelry Catalog for Buyers

i2Catalog: Item Catalog Generator

More Screen Shots

When I first joined my current company we made photo copies and used books to record and track item numbers. With i2Catalog we have improved all imaging and we have automated the system and improved productivity by 60%.

Showcase your product samples

  • Build product catalogs on-the-fly based on items selected by the user - see a screenshot of a sample catalog.
  • Select individual items or query based on item characteristics, i.e. product line, price range, type of material, or any other characteristic stored in the item database.
  • Use your catalogs to collaborate with buyers to create customized product offerings.

Save Time

  • Save your catalogs for later use and revision.
  • Recosting items
  • Locating products from yesteryear
  • Using old items for new ideas in product development

Easily maintain images

  • Attach images to your products selecting an image on your hard drive or by using copy and paste.

Manage user security

  • Provide users with different levels of access - see screenshot
  • Manage user roles directly from the interface

Update custom lists

  • When adding items, having pre-filled drop-down selections to choose from can help save time and avoid mistakes. Edit these lists in List Maintenance.
It is custom built for each company's needs to help with whatever task you may need done.

Print labels for your inventory.

  • Print Barcode labels
  • Create specialized labels for products being reviewed by large retailers.

PDFs and other electronic formats are at your disposal:

  • The system has the capability of creating catalogs in a variety of electronic formats for archiving, later viewing, printing from different locations, or emailing.

Additional Modules

  • Spec Sheets
  • Bill of Materials
  • Custom Proposals
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchasing
  • Costing
  • Target® Labels
  • Product Development
  • Project Management

Included with your purchase

  • User account setups
  • Database installation and configuration
  • Custom field creation for your items to make searching and reporting a snap
  • Custom layouts for your catalogs
We are currently using i2Catalog to catalog all product samples, create catalogs for presentations, create catalogs by customer programs, create barcode labels for all items entered into our system, making specific customer labels, detailing all material used on items, and creating catalogs and batch spec sheets using a wireless hand scanner.

How to purchase i2Catalog

For additional information please use our contact form or call us at 401-431-1679


This catalog and inventory software is perfect for.....

  • Jewelry manufacturers
  • Furniture builders
  • Apparel designers
  • Shoe makers
  • Bed and Bath Manufacturers
  • Handbags & Accesories manufacturers
  • Any other manufacturers with a large inventory of product samples looking to sell to large retailers


Additional Screen Shots:

Item Maintenance Screen

Item Specification Sheet

Catalog Maintenance Screen

Privilege Level Maintenance Screen

User Privileges Screen

Sample Catalog generated by I2Catalog